Today Faber's cylinders are used in more than 50 countries throughout the world.
In some of those countries we have agents and distributors directly supported and managed by Faber's Sales Department and Faber's Quality Department.
Please contact our Sales Department to know if you should refer to our agents/distributors or directly to us.

How To Recognize Faber Cylinders

Standards and Regulations of all countries require the name of the manufacturer, or its code, or its symbol, to be stamped on to the shoulder of the cylinder. Cylinders (and accumulator shells) produced by Faber Industrie SpA are stamped "FABER". However, when made to the US regulations they are stamped "M8303" which is the code allocated to Faber by the US Competent Authority, DOT. Next time you purchase a cylinder look for the "FABER" stamp on it (or for its code). If you do not purchase cylinders but you work with them or you use them for leisure or maybe for health care applications, you too should become familiar with the "FABER" stamping on the cylinders too. With good maintenance and looking after a cylinder stamped "FABER" you will enjoy many years of its safe use.

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