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Testing Capabilities

Welcome to Faber’s recently constructed Test Laboratory with a suite of brand new equipment. Fully operational and installed at our Cividale plant, our trained and competent inspectors are in charge of a wide range of modern, state-of-the-art equipment, whose reliable outputs are computerized for full traceability.

Our Centerpiece is the hydrogen test facility.

The latter is supplemented by equipment to perform all necessary prototype, production and batch testing for undertaking the required tests, as stipulated in international regulations, standards and by our customers.

Mechanical testing apart, we also:

  • Measure the chemical composition of steels used for manufacturing our products via emission spectroscopy,
  • Evaluate variegated properties of the diverse types of polymers used in high pressure equipments and
  • Assess the worthiness of the ever complex coatings and corrosion resistant protective layers.

Faber is in the process of getting accreditation under ISO 17025 for this facility. Once the latter has been achieved during the next few months, we will be able to offer this facility to a wide range of clientele, apart from those in the industrial gases sphere.

Mechanical Evaluation

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The evaluation of mechanical properties of high pressure equipment and other metal components which incorporate high product liability, is one of the principal parameters which have to be measured, in order to certify our products. Here tests such as the strength and ductility of materials, both as-received and in their final form, need to be performed under various conditions.

Critical variables such as slow stain rate XXXXX for any given temperature, tension, compression and load can all be assessed by Faber.

We also prepare the relevant specimens needed for the test work using our in-house instruments. This allows Faber to perform and subsequently evaluate a number of mechanical tests including yield/tensile, hardness, Charpy impact (toughness), bend, fracture toughness, stress rupture (burst), cycling fatigue to name but a few. Since many years Faber's metal products are designed by fatigue resistance.

That has allowed Faber's engineers to become experts in theoretical evaluation of the phenomenon and in the relative testing, for the material (specimen) and the component.

Fatigue cycling tests on components are performed at Faber's laboratory up to 1500 bar (22,000 psi) and temperatures from -50°C to 85°C, also in accordance with standards which require artificial defects.

Destructive testing can be performed at Faber's laboratory with pressures up to 3600 bar (52,000 psi).

Faber, since decades, has been acquiring a deep knowledge about the stress rupture which may cause sudden failure of a component.

In particular, Faber, knowledge about sulfide stress cracking (SSC) testing in accordance with NACE and API test procedures is applied in the batch testing of Faber's steel products.

Tests are strictly conducted in accordance with ISO, ANSI, ASTM, NACE, or to any other acceptable certified standard.

For further details about tests performed, visit Mechanical test

Evaluation of Polymers

There is a growing use of a number of polymeric materials in high pressure gas sector, in oil and gas applications and in new energy projects in general.

Faber undertakes polymer characterization in-house, to ensure optimal performance of the materials used during production. Various polymer testing and analysis techniques are used, which include elastomer and plastic testing, permeation rate measurements, rheometry etc.

Evaluation of Coatings and Corrosion

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Our customers, such as OEMs and major technical and medical gases manufacturers, require stringent performance from coatings such that they do not show deterioration, thus protecting the metal surfaces during service.

Hence Faber performs testing to ASTM, ISO, SAE, API standards to evaluate parameters such as coating adhesion characteristics, reaction to cyclic corrosion and salt spray environments, cathodic disbonding etc.

Results are constantly monitored and inputted to ensure that optimum coatings are applied, thus ensuring customer satisfaction for the application in hand.


Here our pride is a state of the art Dimensional Metrology Rig (Coordinate Measuring Machine) plus an orthodox suite of measuring equipment including advanced optical microscopy techniques, master pressure and torque gauge calibration units and much more.

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