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Faber's Hydrogen Laboratory

When Faber started manufacturing advanced hydrogen cylinders, we also had to develop our own hydrogen research facility, since there was an absence of a suitable facility.

The centerpiece is a hydrogen pressure vessel, designed fully by Faber’s competent engineers, capable of being charged at pressures up to 1000 bar.

Herein, tests with specimens designed for measuring aspects such as slow strain rate, compact tension and of course simple tensile properties are conducted.

Both metallic and non-metallic materials used under gaseous hydrogen pressures are currently measured in this rig.

To house the principal pressure vessel, which is capable of storing a huge amount of energy, a special room has been constructed, within the overall laboratory, which has one wall designed to blow outwards from the building, in case of a sudden release of gas.

A new gaseous hydrogen pressure cycling equipment has been commissioned and will operate starting from 1st June 2016.

With such new gaseous hydrogen pressure cycling equipment, capable to carry out tests at extreme temperatures (down to -40 C and up to 65 C), the facility has no equal worldwide.

The unique features of this hydrogen rig have attracted several leading industrial gas companies and Authorities, to request Faber to undertake critical hydrogen related projects.

Faber is in the process of getting accreditation under ISO 17025 for this facility. Once the latter has been achieved, we will be able to offer this facility to a wide range of clientele, apart from those in the industrial gases sphere.

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