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Faber's Hydrogen Cylinders

Our hydrogen cylinders are used throughout the world in a wide variety of applications by a host of different customers.

Being the only worldwide manufacturer of all four Types (1/2/3/4) of hydrogen cylinders, our customers use them for static storage, industrial applications (recreational balloons, margarine, fertilizer, soap etc.) refilling stations, fuel cell usage and of course transport just to mention a few.

The other unique aspect of Faber’s cylinders, is the fact we manufacture not only the shells, but also fabricate in-house, the liners for all Types of composites.

Depending on the eventual use, Faber caters for a number of working pressures from the usual 200 bar for industrial users to 1000 bar when used for storage and a corresponding range of manufacturing standards/regulations.

The latter include the widely used ISO 11119 series, EN 12245, EN 12257 etc.

All our cylinders are fully manufactured in-house and also certified/tested in our newly equipped test laboratory, by third party inspection bodies who have been appointed by Competent Authorities (Government).

Catalogue of Faber Cylinders for Hydrogen Vehicles

Catalogue of Faber Cylinders for Hydrogen Storage and Transportation

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