Faber Industrie

Design, Approval and Tests of Faber Cylinders

Faber cylinders comply with the most stringent specifications set down by International Bodies and Local Authorities.

All over the world Faber is well known for the comprehensive range of safety and standard approvals of its cylinders.

A list of Faber Approvals is available.

Following you will find an introduction to the design, the approval and the production tests of Faber cylinders.


  1. The design of Faber cylinders uses not only specified calculation formulae but also the finite element linear analysis.
    The calculated data are then verified experimentally using strain-gauge measurements.

  2. The materials (steel, fibres, resins, etc.) are carefully selected depending on their eventual use conditions, after verifying the chemical, physical, mechanical characteristics and, where necessary, their stress-corrosion resistance.

  3. The fracture mechanics analysis of the steel allows us to define the maximum permissible defects in the cylinders, in order to enable us:

    • to establish the non-destructive tests in the production line
    • to guarantee the product fatigue life
    • to demonstrate that a leak precedes the hypothetical burst of the cylinder (LBB)

  4. The cylinders' surface protection is considered to be a function of the various environmental conditions of use and of the various corrosion agents.


Design Tests and Analysis are performed for new design approvals:

On materials
- Mechanical tests: tensile, elongation, impact, toughness, ductility, stress-cracking
- Chemical analysis
On prototype cylinders (check of safety performances)
- Hydraulic burst test
- Pressure cycling test
- Ductility and impact resistance test
- Bonfire test (resistance to fire)
- Gunfire test (resistance to bullet penetration)
- Environmental test
- Extreme temperatures monotonic and cycling tests
- Flawed cylinder burst test

Production tests

During production all the cylinders are subject to:

  • Hardness test
  • Ultrasonic inspection
  • Hydraulic (proof and volumetric expansion) tests
  • Leak test on spun cylinders
  • Check of the critical dimensions and of the threads
  • Check of the marking
  • Check of the specified internal and external surface finishing
  • Flawed cylinders burst-test

For a complete description of the manufacturing processes please go to Production Cycles.

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